Funny Memory – Adapted So Well

During  the summer our son’s friends stay at our home.  Bella always happily greeted guests, convinced they were there for her  and seemed to manage to get in the middle of the action.  It was the second day when one of the young ladies was playing with Bella that she  exclaimed “Do you know Bella’s missing a leg?”   We laughed and felt such joy as that truly reflects how well Bella and other Tripawds adapt.    This very intelligent premed college student who knew Bella from the prior summer did not even notice until day two and when she did she was amazed and compassionate.

One thought on “Funny Memory – Adapted So Well”

  1. THAT is adorable! Thank you for putting a smile on our face with the story, and more smoochable Bella pix.

    She really had no problem showing the world that life was as good as ever, and nothing would stop her from living life to the max. I hope your pre-med student friend goes on to work with humans and shares the story of Bella the Unstoppable.


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